DIY chevron dresser- the easy way!


Chest of drawers before

 I picked up this diamond in the rough from someone in my town that knew I redid furniture. I originally offered it for custom order but when no one jumped on it within a few days I just had to get started. I had gotten a chevron stencil from Royal Designs and thought it would be SUPER cute if I did the front of the drawers. I have seen people use tape to create the chevron look but lets be honest here, I don’t have time to be trying to line that up and I can assure you I would mess it up! Kudos to you free handers and tape pros out there! I do not have pictures for the process because this was before I was blogging but I am going to explain how to get this look.

Chevron dresser- the easy way!

  • Take all the hardware off. If you are using the original hardware then go ahead and toss them in a ziplock so you don’t lose screws.
  • Clean the furniture with either Simple Green, TSP or just a wet rag. When using CeCe Caldwell’s Paints, if it isn’t just really nasty, clean with a damp rag. Sometimes using Simple Green or other chemicals stains will lift to the top and you will get bleed through. If you do get bleed through, spray it with Clear Shellac and paint over it.
  • I painted the entire dresser in 2 coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints in Alaskan Tundra then used my Royal Design Studios stencil
    and painted it in CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White. Make sure to use a stencil spray, light adhesive spray or tape it down. For best results use a re-positionable spray. Using a small brush, dip the brush in the paint then I usually use a paper plate and get the excess paint off and kind of dab the paint on. You don’t want to put too much paint or you it will seep underneath the stencil and you won’t get a clean line.
  • I waited a couple of hours and then I distressed until I was happy with it using my Ryobi Corner Cat sander. Love this sander btw!
  • Then I vacuum nooks and crannies, dust off with a large paint brush (something like this) and for safe measures I usually wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • For this dresser I waxed the entire piece with Fiddes & Sons clear wax and then Jacobean. I use a wax brush to apply, making sure to only put a little then wiping any excess off the piece. There was a handle missing and it is SO hard to find handles that fit most of the time so I went for the double knob look. I didn’t think I would like it much but I have to admit I really dig it now!

That’s it! Doesn’t sound so hard does it?? I have used this stencil several times so I definitely think I got my money out of it! It’s only  18.95 and saves SO much time.  This is one of my all time favorite furniture makeover! I know, I know some of you are tired of chevron but chevron will always hold a special place in my heart:) I know Frog makes chevron tape but I have not tried it. I love my stencils too much!


Chevron dresser- the easy way!









  1. Amy says

    I love the looks of this. I am going to give it a try. I have a very boring dresser in my guest room that looks similar, and now I am completely inspired. Maybe I will share my before and after. Thanks so much!

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